Since the Sandy Hook tragedy a few years ago, police and school officials have been working together to coordinate ultra-realistic “active shooter drills” in cities across the nation. But one of the teachers who was forced to participate in these drills says she has been left with lasting psychological scars that were simply unnecessary.

Two years ago, a a man wearing googles and carrying an assault rifle burst into her classroom. Teacher Linda McLean wondered if she was really going to die.

You see, McLean, like all of the other teachers, had no idea that this “training scenario” was fake.

She thought about her family, her grandchild on the way. Her life flashed before her eyes. She even saw a pistol (which turned out to be fake) on the floor, and wondered if she should pick it up and go after the gunman.

But before she could decide what to do, a gunman, dressed all in black, put a gun to her head, pulled the trigger and said “you’re dead.”

Afterwards, all of the faculty was gathered together and briefed on their reactions. Remember, none of them were told this was going to happen, and none of them consented to be a part of it.

McLean, 56, and other teachers at Pine Eagle Charter School in Halfway, Oregon, were subjected to psychological cruelty at the hands of the school administrators back in April 2013.

The newly filed federal lawsuit by McLean says that they were never warned that all of this was a just drill. As this happened only four months after the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, she had no reason to imagine it was anything other than very real.

McLean is suing the school district, the principal, several members of the school board and Alpine Alarm Communications and Construction LLC as well as Shawn Thatcher, the school’s safety supervisor, who pointed the gun at her head.

She has been off work since the incident and is seeking lost wages, medical costs and punitive damages. Another teacher injured their arm during the exercise, and a third urinated on themselves.

John Minarich, the vice chair of the district’s school board and the owner of Alpine Alarms, helped carry out this drill. He was in the hallways with a rifle as well. In this case a private company was contracted by the city to conduct this drill, while in other communities police themselves have been involved.


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