aLLogy - It’ll be OKHave you ever had one of those days...

aLLogy - It’ll be OK

Have you ever had one of those days that just wont give ya a break? Didn’t ya just need that ONE person to come around and tell you everything will be alright? Well, you’re not alone… aLLogy of Great Falls, MT. has written this refreshing track called “It’ll be OK”, which talks about a man who wakes up in a bad mood after a long night and a series events that were just plain bad luck… bottom line when his girl supports him and reminds him that “It’ll be ok” he rememebers that life is just a roller coaster of sorts and in the end she “keeps him sane”. Supporting a family takes a man who has a job and in todays market it can be hard to find whats right for you, but once again… in the end, his wife’s “security blanket” and a good home cooked meal can give a man superpowers in such a depressing world… No one wants their significant other to feel pain, and with this mellow beat and harmonic vocals… you will always have an media outlet like this to pop in the deck when you reach that breaking point.

If you have an extra 3:16 check out the track below!

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