Child taken away from family for correcting teacher about weed

Child taken away from family for correcting teacher about weed:

I was taught in school that we as Americans are entitled to opinion in the form of free speech… Especially in an educational setting that allows room for topic debate- but not in this Kansas families experiences…
This mother and son were previously living in Colorado where weed is legal, and when a student corrected the Kansas teacher who was stating that Marijuana has NO MEDICINAL VALUE… She then called the police/DFS/CPS and they proceeded to remove him from the classroom and furthermore, from his mothers custody.
Confused? You should be… The kid simply corrected the teacher by saying cannabis has medicinal properties, and that was enough justification turn this family’s life completely inside out!
They attack any form of debate about the topic as to control what future kids will think… Is it worn to have an open mind? Would the kid be arrested for speaking about alcohol???
I don’t normally pull for go-fund-me operations, but if you think that freedom of speech is worth fighting for, then I suggest you click the link- read the full story, and help this family in political need!!!

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